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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

It goes without saying everyone at Cahoots is devastated about recent events and completely understand the difficult decisions clients are having to make.

We are in a very good position to manage the anticipated disruption and are monitoring events daily.

Recently we have received a couple of client queries and thought it would be helpful to keep everyone informed in anticipation of coming questions.

The main concerns have been;

• what happens to booking fees and other payments made if a wedding or event is cancelled?

Please refer to our terms and conditions of hire. These are found in the footer of our website or via the link on your booking documents. You can also find them by clicking here.

• can I postpone my booking to a later date due to the Pandemic?

If you find that your event or wedding has to be cancelled due to the current pandemic, we will do everything we can to re-accommodate your booking should you request to do so. Firstly you will need to confirm your request to cancel your current booking in writing to us.
Please note as we cannot guarantee the availability our services, any new bookings will be taken strictly taken at our discretion. Cahoots Events are not liable for any losses incurred in the rare event we are not able to accommodate your booking request for a new date please see our terms and condition for details.

If we can accommodate your new booking, please be aware that a small fee will be charged to move your booking to a new date of £25.00 plus vat, this is to cover the extra admin costs involved in changing our planners, invoices, stock allocation, timings, staff hrs etc. Its not a small task, we have a very thorough system to ensure we never miss any details and it takes a surprising amount of extra coordination even for the smallest of bookings.

If we are able to accommodate your new booking any payments (not least booking fees) made on your previous booking may be transferred as a non refundable booking fee across to your new booking.

• Can we still have a face to face meeting?

We aim to meet all clients in person, though are currently arranging all event details via telephone and e-mail as an alternative to face to face meetings untill further notice.

We recommend checking the cover you may hold with your wedding/event insurance company. Further information can be found in our FAQ section on our website.

Please feel assured we will work hard to minimise any disruption this may cause.